The Party of Five is simply one of the finest bands around... not just in Utah, where they're based, but in the whole of the USA. As such, they have travelled to the four corners of the country, pleasing audiences from Seattle to Florida, from New York to LA, and in between!

The outrageous amount of songs at their fingertips allows them to customize each performance's songs to the needs and wishes of the client and audience. Each musician's vast experience allows for spot-on versions of familiar songs, while Kelly V and Dave's lead vocal prowess - as well as their ability to "front" the band - is second to none.

From Toto to Green Day, Hank Williams to Hendrix, Kelly Clarkson to Nat King Cole, AC/DC to ZZ Top, Madonna to Maroon 5, they do it all, and are guaranteed to please.

Come on in... you will love it!

Party of Five


Chris Acton

Midtown Entertainment